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Fix point saddle FFPK

The universal fix point saddle FFPK for the fix point clamp FFPS

The universal fischer fix point saddle FFPK for the fix point clamp FFPS prevents undesired movement between the pipes and structure in the case of heating and refrigeration lines. It is suitable for orienting thermally induced pipe expansions in the desired direction. The FFPK dissipates the forces that occur directly into the structure. The FFPS can be mounted to the fix point saddle FFPK as a single unit or as multiple units. The saddle can be adjusted using the slots in accordance with the distance from the substrate and the pipe dimensions. The galvanized zinc version is suitable for installation in buildings.

Opis proizvoda

  • The system's modular design allows it to be adjusted to the required loads.
  • The system's high load level enables increased fixing distances.
  • The fixpoint saddle allows a height and angle adjustment.
  • The special washers on the clamp and console ensure a quick installation.
  • FFPK: S235 JR (material no. 1.0037) acc. to DIN EN 10025
  • Zinc plating: electro zinc-plated, min. 5 µm

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1 pronađeno verzija proizvoda

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Primjena i dozvola

  • Prevention of unwanted displacement between the pipes and the structures
  • Ensuring of the expansion into the desired direction

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