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fischer Hinged pipe clamp FGRS 32-37 M 8/M10

The one-piece hinged pipe clamp with pendulum screw.

Broj artikla 512649
Top Features
  • Simple one-handed installation.
  • Sound insulation insert.
  • Loss protection of screw.
  • Connecting nut with combination thread M8 / M10.

Opis proizvoda

The fischer hinged pipe clamp FGRS with sound insulation insert for fixing pipelines. The pendulum screw allows for simple one-handed installation. Connecting nut with combination thread M8 / M10 for holding threaded rods or hanger bolts.
  • The floating single screw allows a simple, one-handed installation.
  • The safety latch fastening guarantees secure pipe installation without the clamp springing open.
  • The compact construction of the pipe clamp enables a simple post-installation insulation.
  • The screw's design stops it falling out during the installation.
  • Material: steel DD11 (material no. 1.0332) acc. to DIN EN 10111
  • Zinc plating: electro zinc-plated, 5 - 9 µm
  • Connecting nut: resistance welded, M8, SW 13
  • Locking screw: flat head screw with combination recessed head
  • Material sound insulation insert: EPDM; chlorine-free; silicone-free
  • Sound insulation: for DIN 4109
  • Temperature range: -40 °C to +100 °C
  • Hardness: 55 ± 5° Shore A
  • Fire behaviour: DIN 4102: Class B2

Primjena i dozvola

  • For economical fixing of pipes up to Ø2“ with threaded rods or stud screws

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Tehnički podaci

Tehnički podaci

Clamping range 32 - 37 [mm]
Thread M8 / M10
Size 1" [in]
Width x thickness clamp band 20 x 1.25 [mm]
Amount 100 [pcs.]
GTIN (EAN-Code) 4048962117752