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Scaffold eyebolt FI G 12

The scaffold anchoring with metric thread M 12.

The fischer scaffold eyebolt FI G can be used with various officially approved fischer internal thread anchors. This enables the repeat assembly and disassembly of the same fastening point with no restriction of the retention value. In concrete, we recommend a combination of the injection mortars FIS V Plus and FIS EM Plus along with the internal threaded anchor RG 18 x 125 M 12 I and the ZYKON undercut anchor FZA 22 x 100 M 12 I. In masonry, the scaffold eyebolt is safely secured with the fischer injection mortar FIS V Plus, the anchor sleeve FIS H 20 x 85 K, and the internal threaded socket FIS E 15 x 85 M 12. The system is ideal for securing façade scaffolds, tensioning ropes, and trellises.

Opis proizvoda

  • When used together with an internal threaded anchor or a steel fixture with internal thread M 12, the scaffold screw FI G allows for repeated installation and removal using the same fixing point.
  • The high-quality weld stops the eye from opening, thus providing increased safety.

Dostupne verzije proizvoda

2 pronađeno verzija proizvoda

2 pronađeno verzija proizvoda



Thread length


Shaft diameter


Max. thickness of non-bearing layer


Broj artikla 080933


30 [mm]

12 [mm]

35 [mm]

Broj artikla 080934


30 [mm]

12 [mm]

75 [mm]

Pregledano 2 od 2 verzija

Primjena i dozvola

  • Façade scaffolds
  • Trellises
  • Tensioning ropes
  • Chains
  • Lighting
  • Clothes lines
  • Hanging baskets
Building materials
When combined with internal threaded anchor:
  • Concrete C20/25 - C50/60:
    Injection mortar FIS EM Plus / FIS V Plus
    Internal threaded anchor
    RG 18x125 M12 I, Art.-No. 50562
    ZYKON undercut anchor FZA-I
    FZA 22x100 M12 I, Art.-No. 060763
  • Masonry:
    Injection mortar FIS V Plus 360 S
    Perforated sleeve FIS H 20x85 K, Art.-No. 41904
    Internal threaded socket
    FIS E 15x85 M12, Art.-No. 43634
* Detaljne informacije o građevinskom materijalu možete pronaći u registracijskom dokumentu.

Uputa za sastavljanje

  • The scaffold anchoring FI G should be used with an internal threaded anchor.
    Detailed information about its functioning can be found in the "Chemical fixings" chapter.
  • Not suitable for swings, hammocks etc.
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