Aluminium hooks with large base for the installation of PV panels on pitched tile roofs with ventilation layer of variable thickness. Horizontally-offsettable fastening point.

Aluminium hooks with large base RH VB AL/RH HB AL

RH VB AL/RH HB AL aluminium hooks are suitable for PV panels installation on pitched roofs with tiles and ventilation layers of variable thickness and timber structure. The horizontal adjustment at the base of the hook allows to offset the hook bracket from the base fastening point. The lower vertical adjustment allows to adapt the hook to different tiles and ventilation layers thicknesses. The upper vertical adjustment allows to record the distance of the rail from the top of the tile. The higher adjustment (available for RH HB AL hooks versions) allows to horizontally align the rail. The shape of the hook is designed to have a controlled deformation and not to bend or damage the tiles.
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