83 mm high aluminium rail for PV panels mounting systems.

Rail SolarMid

SolarMid is a 83 mm high aluminium rail for PV mounting systems on pitched and flat roofs, particularly suitable to optimize the number of fastenings in case of heavy stress forces acting on the structure. The four side grooves and the lower groove are compatible with SKS M8 screws or RHS hammer head screws. SolarMid is compatible with PM U / PMC U universal clamps; it is compatible with PV systems on flat roofs (in combination with STFS and STFN triangular frames) and industrial roofs. It's also compatible with pitched roofs (in combination with aluminium and stainless stells hooks), non-removable corrugated panels or barrel/flat tile roof (in combination with STSR and STSI double-threaded screws) and trapezoidal metal sheet roof (in combination with DLA and DLAK clamps).
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