With cap nut. For highest demands. Powerful and flexible

Bolt anchor FAZ II Plus H with cap nut

The fischer bolt anchor FAZ II Plus H is the steel anchor for highest demands. The new sizes of the special cap nut version (M10 and M12) are also implemented in the ETA assessment and it is ideal for architecturally sophisticated applications. Thanks to variable anchorage depths and easy installation, the FAZ II Plus can be used in many different ways. The tried-and-trusted expansion clip securely feeds the loads into the concrete and ensures a high load-bearing-capacity. The FAZ II Plus H is the optimal solution (for example) for the anchorage of railings in visible areas: The cap nut, not only gives the option for a better and refined optical design but also, ensures an accident free installation due to its closed shape.
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Drill diameter
Min. drill hole depth for through fixings
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Width across nut
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