The economical special screw for window installation

Window frame screws FFS

The fischer window frame screw FFS is a special screw (with a length of up to 302 mm) with a flat head for the cost-effective installation of window frames without plugs. The flat head design is particularly suitable for window frames made from aluminium and plastic. The ift Rosenheim Testing Institute confirms their special suitability for the fixing of plastic windows into brick masonry. The small drill hole diameter of 6 mm and the screwing-in of the screw without cleaning the drill hole enable efficient series fixings. The high-deep thread on the screw tip and the milled ribbing reduce the screw-in torque and enable an energy-saving installation. The continuous special thread prevents the window frame from being pulled against the substrate. This means that the frame is secured to the building material without tensile force or stress.
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